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Chewing the Conference Cud

28 April 2015

When I was in elementary school, I was surprised to learn that cows had a superpower. 

They have the amazing ability to eat... even when there is no food present. When food is available, they fill up a special compartment, leaving the food largely undigested. Later, when they have nothing else to do, they start pulling food out of that internal bag of leftovers, and move it into mouth one bite at a time to process-- a process known as "chewing cud."

Conference is like that for me. Every once in a while, I may scribble down some notes while the speaker is speaking, but usually I'm content to just sit back and listen. I've learned that almost all the revelation and insights I receive will come during the months after Conference-- when I take the time to methodically study and ponder those messages-- savoring them and giving them the time they deserve.

The April 2015 Conference finished almost a month ago now, but I'm just starting to grasp some of the powerful teachings the Brethren (and Sisters) presented.

I'm chewing the Conference cud, and it tastes great.

PS: More cud-inspired posts to come!

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