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3 Insights on the Church's new policy

15 November 2015

If you haven't noticed, everyone is freaking out over the Church's new clarifications on the great issue of our time. If you'...

Hiding the Darkness

07 September 2015

A few days ago, I came across this verse in the Book of Mormon, prophesying about the Restoration: "And [Joseph] obtained a p...

Honoring agency does not mean embracing anarchy

09 August 2015

I just finished re-reading a great article from the March 2015 Ensign titled " Satan's Rebellion ." If you haven'...

When the Gospel doesn't make sense

03 August 2015

Ordain Women. Gay rights. The 100-person resignation march. Public protests at every conference and Temple dedication. The Church must...

Hey Supreme Court, stick to your job!

04 July 2015

I've been over this. I've talked about why it's not "okay" for Mormons to support gay marriage . I've outlin...

[Conference Cud] The Atonement: Take a minute to marvel in it.

28 June 2015

NOTE: I know everyone is piped up over Friday's Supreme Court ruling right now. I am too. And I do have a post somewhat in the wo...

Because Ye Ask Not

13 June 2015

What made Nephi different than Laman and Lemuel? Other than the fact that in all the Arnold Friberg paintings, Nephi's eldest brethre...

[Conference Cud] Satan isn't as powerful as he is loud

14 May 2015

As I posted before, I'm going back through the April 2015 Conference talks in detail (I call it " chewing the conference cud...
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